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About Us

WEMIHS is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), with its headquarters in Thika, Kenya, that has been in operation for two decades now (Registration Number: # OP-218/051/0041/1472)

WEMIHS was founded in the late 1990s by a small group of committed individuals who sought to improve the services and care to vulnerable households and communities living with HIV/AIDS. Their focus area was the then Central Province where there was almost nonexistent NGO/donor funded or even government initiatives for those affected. At the time HIV/AIDS was only starting to be discussed openly and publicly and those infected were highly stigmatized and marginalized. Thus, the founders initially focused on increasing acceptance for those affected and on prevention of the disease through information and education in the
affected communities.

Our Vision

“Healthy and empowered communities”

Over the years, WEMIHS grew to become a well-established and respected NGO with a clear vision, committed management and dedicated staff.

WEMIHS approach evolved organically, applying lessons learnt and incorporating issues arising from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It was through home-based care visits, for example, that it became clear that children were especially affected by the epidemic. Many were caring for terminally ill parents even at a young age, and many were orphaned as their parents passed on.

Consequently, it became clear that issues of children in households affected by poverty and disease were complex and long-term and required enabling interventions. Hence WEMIHS’ current focus as stipulated in our mission is Healthy and Empowered Communities.

Our Mission

“To improve the quality of life of vulnerable individuals and households by building their capacities to identify and address health and development needs.”

A Strong, Dynamic Partner

WEMIHS has the necessary systems, structure and personnel to effectively manage projects on behalf of multiple donors.


Beneficiaries reached through WEMIHS programs


Vulnerable children accessing age and gender appropriate essential services


Ultra poor households steadily increased their income by 75%


CBOs are being trained to adapt best practices in sustainable livelihood, economic strengthening & advocacy.

WEMIHS has made significant milestones and well-acclaimed achievements over the years to include:


  1. High ability to adapt participatory approaches in enabling communities to identify their own health and development needs and come up with community driven interventions using local resources
  2. Community managed village development bank
  3. Establishment of community managed early childhood development centers providing children from marginalized households greater access to safe learning environment.
  4. Enabling aged caregivers to better provide for orphaned children under their care.
  5. Empowering most vulnerable households in semi-arid areas become food secure through adapting agriculture best practices to include climate change adaptation
  6. Strengthening community child protection systems to include safe spaces for adolescent girls and youth
  7. Development of well-acknowledged capacity building institutional abilities highly sought after.

WEMIHS institutional capability for quality programming and rigorous management of resources have been confirmed by evaluations and audits conducted by various donors include; DFID, USAID, CIDA/ Canada, Bernard van leer and National AIDS Control Council.